Rainmakers Business Alliance is a business broker based in the greater Denver MSA in Colorado, with offices in Lakewood and Colorado Springs. We offer business broker and franchise consultant services. If you are selling your company (business for sale), we offer high quality services with low commission and no upfront fees for small businesses. For medium to large businesses or those needing to raise capital, we may need an upfront fee to market your business if we need to go out of
state. We always co-broker, as this serves the needs of the business owner who is selling their business. If you are currently in the market for a business broker, we advise that you ask and demand that your broker a) present all offers to you, and b) demand that your business broker co-broker, it is in your interests.

If you want to buy a business or buy a franchise you have the following options: a) buy a business we have for sale, b) buy one of our 1400 franchises we sell, or c) buy a business currently listed with another broker or not currently listed. Should you want to buy a business with another broker or a franchise we will provide to you a rebate of 25% of any fees we earn. Yes, it is actually your money, the seller is paying the broker 8-10-12-15% of the value of the business, but everyone forgets that you are
paying the seller to buy the business.

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