This line of reasoning provides a functional framework within which to locate empirical results linking the emotional experience of disgust to moral judgments (e.g., Chapman & Anderson, 2013; Haidt, 2001; Pizarro, Inbar, & Helion, 2011; Rozin, Haidt, & Fincher, 2009). Correlational evidence shows that individuals who are chronically more likely to experience disgust also judge norm violations more harshly (e.g., Jones & Fitness, 2008). This correlation is complemented by experimental evidence showing that when individuals are presented with disgust-eliciting stimuli, they subsequently judge norm violations to be more morally wrong (e.g., Erskine, Kacinik, & Prinz, 2011; Schnall, Haidt, Clore, & Jordan, 2008; Wheatley & Haidt, 2005).

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